David Jenkins

David Jenkins - blurPh.D. Candidate, Bioinformatics, BUSM
Johnson Lab


Sc.B. Computational Biology, Brown University, Providence, RI, 2011

Contact Information

Email: dfj@bu.edu


Research Interests

Pathway Activity Analysis in Cancer RNA-Seq Data

My project involves creating and applying computational tools that analyze cancer data at a pathway activation level. The genetic background of cancer is complex and can involve multiple signaling pathways. By identifying active oncogenic pathways, and the interactions between them, we are gaining a better understanding of the genetics of cancer, and are exploring ways to match cancer patients with the most effective drugs for them.


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† Contributed equally

Ahdesmäki, Miika J., Brad A. Chapman, Pablo Cingolani, Oliver Hofmann, Aleksandr Sidoruk, Zhongwu Lai, Gennadii Zakharov, Mikhail Rodichenko, Mikhail Alperovich, David Jenkins, T. Hedley Carr, Daniel Stetson, Brian Dougherty, J. Carl Barrett, and Justin H. Johnson. 2017. “Prioritisation of Structural Variant Calls in Cancer Genomes.” PeerJ 5 (April): e3166. 10.7717/peerj.3166

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