Cohort 3 RAM Scholars (2014-16)

AlexanderCaudarella_web (2) Caudarella, MD
Addiction Medicine
University of British Columbia
St. Paul’s Hospital


Dr. Caudarella is a clinical fellow in addiction medicine at St.  Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver Canada. He graduated from a family  medicine residency program in Toronto, Canada where he was  actively involved in advocacy and policy efforts to reverse cuts  to refugee health care. In 2011 he co-founded a community health worker training program in Latin America for indigenous rural inhabitants. His current research focuses are innovation in youth treatment and early prevention, overdose prevention and issues of addiction care in low resource locations.

HussamHussamJefeeBahloul5236s (3) Jefee-Bahloul, MD
Addiction Psychiatry
Yale University
Yale-New Haven Hospital



Dr. Jefee-Bahloul is currently an advanced clinical fellow at Yale School of Medicine department of psychiatry. Dr. Jefee-Bahloul graduated medical school from Tishreen University, Syria in 2006 and moved to the U.S in 2009. Since he came to Yale, Dr. Jefee-Bahloul finished psychosomatic medicine fellowship training and currently is an addiction psychiatry fellow. Dr. Jefee- Bahloul conducts international research concerning mental health systems, telemental health and treatment of addiction between U.S and the Middle East.

Mitika Kanabar, MD, MPH
Addiction Medicine
Stanford University
Stanford Health Care


Dr. Mitika Kanabar is currently an addiction medicine fellow at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She completed her Family Medicine residency and her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her RAMS program research focus is on evaluating group visits for substance use disorders in an integrated health care setting. With this project, she hopes to provide clinically useful information for improving access to addiction treatment across diverse ambulatory care clinics.

Ajay Manhapra, MD
Addiction Psychiatry
Yale University
VA Connecticut Health System


Dr. Manhapra is currently enrolled as a VA inter-professional fellow in addiction medicine at Yale. He was a practicing internist for over a decade before this. He approaches addictive diseases as a chronic disease. His research is focused on the interaction of addictive diseases, especially prescription opioids, with multi- morbidities including psychiatric and medical co-morbidities, and how it influences lives of people. Additionally, he is interested in how or whether addictive substances lead to premature aging.

Zoe Weinstein, MD
Addiction Medicine
Boston University
Boston Medical Center


Dr. Weinstein is a first year Addiction Medicine Fellow at Boston University School of Medicine. Her research interests include the health of urban underserved patients, especially in the areas of addiction and HIV. As an Addiction Fellow, her clinical work and research projects will be focused on the long term outcomes of patients receiving Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) and the integration of addiction treatment with primary care.

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