Nicolas Bertholet, MD


Dr. Bertholet is Associate Physician in Prevention and Public Health and Psychiatry at the Alcohol Treatment Center, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland. As a CARE Fellow, his research focused on brief interventions and behavior change among persons with unhealthy alcohol use. His research focuses on alcohol use, brief motivational interventions, the processes of change involved in addiction and the use of new technologies in the delivery of secondary prevention interventions. He is currently an Associate Editor of

Medical School: Lausanne University Medical School

Residency: Lausanne University Hospital

Fellowship Mentor: Richard Saitz, MD, MPH

Fellowship Research Projects:

Fellowship Related Publications:

1. Bertholet N, Cheng DM, Samet J H, Saitz R. Alcohol consumption patterns in HIV-infected adults with alcohol problems. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2010; 112(1-2):160-3.

2. Bertholet N, Cheng DM, Palfai TP, Saitz R. Factors associated with Favorable drinking outcome 12 Months after hospitalization in a prospective cohort study of inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use. Journal Of General Internal Medicine. 2010; 25(10):1024-9.

3. Bertholet N, Cheng DM, Palfai TP, Samet JH, Saitz R. Does readiness to change predict subsequent alcohol consumption in medical inpatients with unhealthy alcohol use? Addictive Behaviors. 2009; 34(8):636-40.

4. Bertholet N, Dukes K, Horton NJ, Palfai TP, Pedley A, Saitz R. Factor structure of the SOCRATES questionnaire in hospitalized medical patients. Addictive Behaviors. 2009; 34(6-7):568-72.

5. Bertholet N, Horton NJ, Saitz R. Improvements in readiness to change and drinking in primary care patients with unhealthy alcohol use: a prospective study. BMC Public Health. 2009; 9:101.

6. Bertholet N, Saitz R. Screening and brief intervention for pregnant women. In Principles of Addiction Medicine, 4th ed. Richard K. Ries, Shannon C. Miller, David A. Fiellin, Richard Saitz. Lippincott. 2009. Williams & Wilkins: Philadelphia.

Current Position: Associate Physician, Privat Docent, Senior Lecturer, Alcohol Treatment Center, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland