Current & Past Addiction Medicine Fellows

Todd Kerensky, MD

Dr. Kerensky completed his residency at the University of Florida College of Medicine and was a Hospitalist at South Shore Hospital prior to coming to Boston Medical Center to pursue clinical training in Addiction Medicine. He has clinical interests in advancing screening, diagnosis and initiating treatment for all substance use disorders, especially in hospitalized patients. His research and public policy interests are focused on understanding, characterizing, and developing interventions to reduce fentanyl misuse and polypharmacy, especially as each contributes to risk of overdose. He also has interests in helping advance clinicians knowledge and prescribing of naloxone in the community care setting.


Trowbridge_Paul-2-5x3-5Paul Trowbridge, MD, MPH

Dr. Trowbridge completed his Internal Medicine residency at Brown and Infectious Diseases fellowship at Tufts Medical Center prior to coming to Boston Medical Center to pursue clinical training in Addiction Medicine. He has interests in the overlap between addiction and infection, integrating the treatment of addiction into primary care, harm reduction, and educating healthcare providers and trainees about substance use disorders to improve patient outcomes.



WeinsteinZoe Weinstein, MD

Dr. Weinstein is an addiction medicine fellow at Boston Medical Center. Her research interests include the health of urban underserved patients, especially in the areas of addiction and HIV. As an addiction fellow, her clinical work and research projects are focused on the long term outcomes of patients receiving Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) and the integration of addiction treatment with primary care.



SBagley_close-upSarah Bagley, MD

Dr. Bagley was trained in a combined internal medicine-pediatrics program at Brown University prior to coming to Boston Medical Center as an Addiction Medicine fellow. Because of her background in both medicine and pediatrics, she has a research and clinical interest in the care of both mothers with addiction and the effects of addiction on child development.


Cara Poland, MD

Dr. Poland was trained in internal medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan prior to coming to Boston Medical Center as an Addiction Medicine fellow.  She has an interest in educating physicians and physicians-in-training to improve care for patients with substance abuse and alcohol disorders.


Karsten Lunze, MD, MPH

Dr. Lunze is a previous fellow working with CARE Unit faculty members on several projects. He graduated with an MD/PhD (Genetic Epidemiology) from Charité Medical School in Berlin, Germany and with an MPH (Global Health and Population) from the Harvard School of Public Health. He trained in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology at Charité Medical School in Berlin and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Currently, he is with Boston University’s Preventive Medicine program. His interests include newborn health, health behavior changes, and post-conflict health systems reconstruction.

Christine Pace Christine Pace, MD (2010 – 2012)

Dr. Pace is a current CARE Unit faculty member. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine/Primary Care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is interested in research that identifies ways to improve care for patients with substance abuse and alcohol use disorders in primary care and other medical settings.



Alex WalleyAlexander Y. Walley, MD, MSc (2005-2007)

Dr. Walley is an Associate Professor in GIM at BUSM and Medical Director of the Narcotic Addiction Clinic at Boston Public Health Commission. His fellowship research focused on predictors of mortality in HIV-infected persons with alcohol problems and risk behaviors among Russian heroin users. His program that facilitates access to substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention and care among high risk patients was awarded $1.3 million from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA).

Bertholet cropped 2Nicolas Bertholet, MD

Dr. Bertholet is an Associate Physician and Senior Lecturer in Prevention and Public Health and Psychiatry at the Alcohol Treatment Center, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland. As a CARE Fellow, his research focused on brief interventions and behavior change among persons with unhealthy alcohol use. His research focuses on alcohol use, brief motivational interventions, the processes of change involved in addiction and the use of new technologies in the delivery of secondary prevention interventions. He is currently an Associate Editor of

kimt Theresa W. Kim, MD (2002-2004)

Dr. Kim is an Assistant Professor in GIM at BUSM and Co-Investigator on an NIH grant and Associate Medical Director of the SAMHSA-funded Massachusetts Screenin, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (MASBIRT) Program. As a CARE Fellow Dr. Kim conducted research on the unique needs of HIV-infected homeless persons and primary care quality and addiction severity. During her fellowship she applied for and received an NIH Loan Repayment Program Award.


kertesz_stefan1 Stefan G. Kertesz, MD, MSc (2000-2002)

Dr. Kertesz is an Assistant Professor at University of Alabama, Birmingham. As a CARE Fellow Dr. Kertesz developed and submitted a NIDA K23 career development proposal, which was subsequently funded to investigate drug abuse in homeless persons. He has subsequently received independent funding for drug abuse research from NIDA (R01) and the VA.