Supporting Documents for Medical Student Opportunities 

What Type of Document Do I Need?

If you are a medical student pursuing a scholarship, fellowship, research opportunity, or global health elective, you may need supporting documents as part of your application to a program. Below is a description of what is available at the school. 

1. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

If you need a LOR (not a dean’s letter for residency) that provides a detailed outline of your academic history, achievements, and a strong endorsement of your skills, you may request a LOR from the following sources. LORs are about 2 pages in length and are the most detailed of any of the documents listed on this page.

  • A dean in the Student Affairs Office. Any medical student may request a LOR from the SAO. It requires a meeting with the dean who will write the letter.
  • Sarfaty in the Enrichment Office. Medical students who have worked with Dr. Sarfaty directly, (i.e. through classroom instruction, service learning projects, or student organization activities) may request a letter from her.

2. Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Good Standing

The school Registrar will generate the following documents on behalf of medical students. The Registrar is the only office that provides this information to students as it is considered confidential. To request any of the documents below, complete the Request for verification of student status from the school Registrar’s Office.

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Good Standing for Outside Elective

3. Verification of Enrollment

A student may obtain a verification of enrollment (confirms a student attends BU) from the BU Student Link.

4. Letter Granting Permission to Undertake Global Health Elective

The Enrichment Office will write a letter (signed by Dr. Sarfaty, Director of Global Health Programs) indicating the student has received permission from the school faculty to participate in the planned global health elective. E-mail Ana Gregory to request this document.