Office of Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). Our office works with faculty, staff, and students to continuously improve the learning environment and opportunities at Boston University School of Medicine.

Areas of Focus

  • Medical Education – We provide oversight for the coordination, planning, administration, assessment, and quality of the entire four-year medical education curriculum. We cultivate a dynamic, ever-improving learning environment through faculty development, educational research, and curricular innovation. Our Medical Education Committee (MEC) and its subcommittees assume a wide range of responsibilities to assure the quality of medical education provided by the school.
  • Affiliated Sites – We identify and cultivate collaborations to support and advance medical education. We are committed to the visionary development of educational, clinical, and research ventures with an eye to quality, sustainability, and mentoring. We believe in the power of strong partnerships to enrich the educational, intellectual, professional, and personal development of our students, our faculty, and our community.
  • Enrichment – We support learning experiences for medical students that enhance the curriculum and cultivate professional competencies in international health, research, and service learning opportunities. We connect students with various informational and faculty resources and provide support for their projects.

Priya Garg PhotoPriya Garg, MD
Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Interim Chair, Medical Education Committee
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Medical Education
Director of Medical Education

Suzy Sarfaty PhotoSuzanne Sarfaty, MD
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Enrichment
Director of Global Health Programs

Elizabeth Yellen PhotoElizabeth Yellen, MD
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Affiliated Sites
Director, Kaiser Permanente Branch Campus (Silicon Valley)

Allison Larson PhotoAllison Larson, MD
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Preclerkship Curriculum

Jodi Abbott PhotoJodi Abbott, MD, MHCM
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Education