Past and Present Lab Members

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Principal Investigator:

Katya Ravid, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. K. Ravid, trained at the Technion and MIT, is an Established Investigator with the American Heart Association, has served on editorial and advisory boards and on ASH and Purines Scientific Committees, chaired local and national conferences, such as the Gordon Research Conference on cell biology of megakaryocytes and platelets, and is the recipient of several Awards in recognition of research and teaching, such as Boston University School of Medicine Educator of the Year Award in Graduate Medical Sciences, Sidney University Professorship Award, the Weizmann Institute Rosi and Max Varon Professorship Award, and as a long-standing ASMBM member was awarded the Fulbright Scholar Award.

Founding Director, Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research(

Training Program Director, NHLBI-funded Training Program in Cardiovascular Biology (


“Rewarding science is born out of creativity, tenacity and generosity.” (Katya Ravid)


Past and Current Trainees Pre or Post Training Period E-mail Prior Academic Degree(s) Current Position (past trainees)Source of Support (current trainees)
Degree(s) Institution(s)
Chen, Wen-Che Pre 1994-1997 MSDMD Harvard School of Public Health General Dentistry, Irvine CA
Frances, Cynthia Post 1996-2000 PhD Boston University School of Medicine Proctor & Gamble (consultant)
Sun, Shishinn Post 1995-1999 PhD St. John University, NY Investigator, Assistant Professor,North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research InstitutePhytochemical LabManhasset, NY
Thompson, Alex P Pre P 1995-1999 MS University of Coleraine, Ireland Lecturer, Haematology Research Group, Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology (CCRCB),Queen’s University ofBelfast Northern Ireland
Zhao, Zhi-Hui Post 1994-2000 MD/PhD Beijing Med. Univ., China Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM
Zimmet, Jeffrey P Pre P(MD/PhD) 1995-1998 BS Wesleyan Univ., CT Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Univ California San Francisco; Interventional Cardiology, San Francisco VAMC
Cataldo, Leah Post 1995-1997 PhD University of Massachusetts Biology/ Science Department Chair, Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA
Hechler, Beatrice Post 1998-2000 PhD INSERM U.311Etablissement Français du Sang-Alsace Strasbourg, FR. Faculty Researcher, INSERM, France
Pierron, Anne Pre(MA) 2001 BA University of Nice, France Research Associate,University of Nice, France
Jones, Matthew P Pre P 1999-2003 BA University of Delaware Assistant Professor, Pulmonary Center, BUSM
Kaluzhny, Yulia Pre 1996-2001 MS Moscow State Institute, Moscow, USSR Senior Scientist, MatTek Corp., Ashland, MA
Lu, Jun P Pre 1997-2003 MSc Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R. China Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Wang, Zhengyu P Pre 1994-1998 BS East China University of Chem. Technology Associate Professor of Medicine, John Hopkins Medical School
Yaar, Ron Pre(MD/PhD) 1998-2002 BSc Boston University Assistant Professor, Dermatopathology, Boston Medical Center
Zhang, Ying P Pre 1998-2003 MSc Univ. Science & Technol, Hefei, China, BSC, 1979, Shanghai Inst. of Biochemistry Instructor of Medicine, BUSM; CEO of a start-up
Dharmaraj, Chinnappan Post 1999-2000 PhD All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India Research Scientist, Astrazeneca, Westborough, MA
Nguyen, Hao G. Pre(MD/PhD) 2001-2005 BA Univ. of Cal. Berkely Resident in Surgery, Univ. California Davis Medical Center
 Guangyao Yu Post 2000-2002 MD, PhD Henan Medical University, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (MD; Tongji Medical University, China (PhD) Research Scientist, Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals, Malvern, PA
(**) St.Hilaire, Cynthia P Pre P 2004-2008 BS University of Vermont Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
(**) McCrann, Donald J. P Pre P 2004-2008 BS Yale University Biostatistician Manager,
IDEXX Laboratories
Westbrook, ME
Liu, Kenian Post 2005-2006 PhD Univ. of Arkansas Med Sci Lab Director, Bireference Labs, NJ
Makitalo, Maria Pre(MA courses) 2004-2007 M.Sc. Umea University, Sweden Gestamp HardTech AB, Lulea, Sweden
Rier, Andrea Undergraduate Summer 2005 BS Virginia University Resident, Internal Medicine, PA
Rodriguez, David Undergraduate Summer 2006 University of Texas, El Paso, TX Residency, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL, Anesthesiology
Yang, Dan Post 2004-2009 MD/PhD San Yat-Sen and Hunan University, China Researcher, NIH
Papadantonakis, Nikolaos Post 2006-2010 BS, Molecular Biology MD University 0f Gasglow, University of Crete Assistant Professor of Hematology/Oncology, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Burridge, Kelley A. Post 2010 PhD, Biomedical Engineering Boston University Researcher, FDA
Eliades, Alexia Pre 2007-2011 BS University of Athens, Greece The University of Manchester, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Bhupatiraju, Ajoy Post 2010-2011 PhD All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
Chen, Hongjie Post 2007-2011 PhD Chinese Academy of Sciences Assistant Director of Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Ichan School of Medicine, Mt.Sinai, NYC, NY
Mi, Rongjuan Post 2012-2013 PhD Ph.D. 2008 Clemson University, Clemson, SC Software Engineer in Test, MathWorks, Natick, MA
Carroll, ShannonP Pre 2009-2014, BS, MS University of Arizona; BUSM Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Johnston-Cox, HillaryP Pre(MD/PhD) 2009-2014 B.S. Biochemistry and Chemistry University of California San Diego; BUSM Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai, NYC, NY, Residency, Medicine, Research Track
Eisenstein, Anna Pre(MD/PhD) 2010-2014 BA, Biochemistry Middlebury College Residency, Yale School of Medicine, Dermatology
Koupenova-Zamor, MilkaP Post 2005-2010 (Pre)P2010-present (Post),
BS, PhD University of California Los Angeles; BUSM Instructor, Dr. Jane Freedman’s lab, UMASS Medical School, Worcester
Matsuura, Shinobu Post 2011-present DVM, PhD Universidade de Sao Paulo, Escola de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia;
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine
In Dr. Ravid’s lab Instructor, BUSM
Patterson, Shenia Pre (MD/PhD) 2012-2015 BS Spelman College In Medical School, BUSM
Frame, Alissa Pre (MD/PhD) Summer 2014 BSc Middlebury College PhD Student, Pharmacology
Toatley, Briana K. Pre Summer 2014 BA Albany State University Undergraduate Student
Ng, Seng Kah Post 2016-present PhD National University of Singapore In Dr. Ravid’s lab
Leiva, Orly Pre 2016-present PhD, MD Candidate 2018 Boston University In Dr. Ravid’s lab



PThese students are recipients of the first or second awards for thesis work -BUSM Russek Award for Excellence.  Jeffrey Zimmet is also a recipient of Boston University President’s Award for graduate studies.  Zhengyu Wang is a recipient of the BUSM Dean’s Award for Ph.D. thesis work.


Students from Greece in Dr. Ravid’s lab

Starting in 2012

Student Number: Name: Summer spent in lab: School attended in Greece: Email address:


Alexandra Koutsolelou

summer of 2012

University of Athens, Biology


Efstratios Kofopoulos – Lymperis

summer of 2012

University of Crete, Medicine


Emmanouela Tsagkaraki

summer of 2013

University of Crete, Medicine


Michail Kontakis

summer of 2013

University of Crete, Medicine


George Kalarakis

summer of 2014

University of Crete, Medicine


Eleni Terezaki

summer of 2014

University of Crete, Medicine


June 20, 2017
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine