Stanley L. Robbins Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Stanley L. Robbins Award for Excellence in Teaching is given each year at graduation to the outstanding educator at the School of Medicine.  The award was established in recognition of the excellence in teaching and devotion to students exemplified by Dr. Stanley L. Robbins, former Chair and Professor of Pathology at BUSM. This award serves to acknowledge the importance of teaching skills and commitment to students and education at BUSM.

This is a once in a lifetime award: previous awardees are not eligible. The award decision is made by a committee based on faculty and student nominations and input. Faculty may nominate themselves. Nominations will remain valid for three years.

Pre-Clinical Faculty are eligible for the award in odd-numbered years, while Clinical Faculty are eligible in even-numbered years (i.e.: 2009 and 2011 were awarded to a Pre-Clinical Faculty, while 2010 and 2012 were awarded to a Clinical Faculty member.)


Nominations for 2015 are closed.

Nominations are accepted in January and February and may be submitted in writing or via e-mail. Nominations must include:

  • The nominee’s name
  • The nominee’s department
  • How you know the nominee
  • A detailed justification for the nomination addressing the nominee’s exemplary skill, leadership, creativity, mentoring and other intangible aspects of the work needed to accomplish our teaching mission.

Send Your Nomination To:
Rebecca Halley
Administrative Manager
Office of Academic Affairs, L-103

Committee Composition

The Stanley L. Robbins Award Committee is composed of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the two most recent recipients of the award, and four student representatives (one from each academic year). The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs serves as the chair of the committee.

Previous Awardees

Recipients of the Stanley L. Robbins Award for Excellence in Teaching:

  • 1980 Dr. Stanley L. Robbins
  • 1981 Dr. William F. McNary, Jr
  • 1982 Dr. Benjamin Siegel
  • 1983 Dr. Lawrence Corwin
  • 1984 Dr. Lester Williams
  • 1985 Dr. Richard Hoyt, Jr.
  • 1986 Dr. Leonard Gottlieb
  • 1987 Dr. Robert Feldman
  • 1988 Dr. Dick A.J. Brown
  • 1989 Dr. Paul O’Bryan
  • 1990 Dr. Joel Caslowitz
  • 1991 Dr. Linda Wright
  • 1992 Dr. Warren Hershman
  • 1993 Dr. Douglas Rosene
  • 1994 Dr. Ravin Davidoff
  • 1995 Dr. Carol Walsh
  • 1996 Dr. James Menzoian
  • 1997 Dr. Benjamin Kaminer
  • 1998 Dr. Robert Beazley
  • 1999 Dr. Deborah Vaughan
  • 2000 Dr. George Rosenthal
  • 2001 Dr. Julie Sandell
  • 2002 Dr. Robert M. Levin
  • 2003 Dr. Mark Moss
  • 2004 Dr. Robert Lowe
  • 2005 Dr. Todd Hoagland
  • 2006 Dr. Steven Borkan
  • 2007 Dr. Stephanie Oberhaus
  • 2008 Dr. Douglas Hughes
  • 2009 Dr. Karen Symes
  • 2010 Dr. David McAneny
  • 2011 Dr. Carl O’Hara
  • 2012 Dr. Anna DePold Hohler
  • 2013 Dr. Shoumita Dasgupta
  • 2014 Dr. Miriam Hoffman
  • 2015 Dr. Lorraine Stanfield