The MSR is developing Python-based tools for processing and analysis of glycan and glycopeptide mass spectral data.

BrainPy is a Python implementation of the Baffling Recursive Algorithm for Isotope distributioN calculations (BRAIN) algorithm. The original reference for BRAIN is Dittwald, P. et al. Anal. Chem. 2013, 85, 1991-4. Pubmed Link

GlyPy is a glycan analysis and glycominformatics library for the Python programming language.

Mzidentml_writer is a Python package to create MzIdentML files following the HUPO Standard.

MS_peak_picker is a small library to provide peak picking for software processing mass spectrometry data.

MS_deisotope is an experimental union of brainpy and ms_peak_picker.

GAGdecon is an isotopic pattern database approach to deconvolution of high resolution mass spectra generated on low molecular weight heparins.