The MSR is developing methods for assignment of site-specific glycosylation using MS and tandem MS. These efforts include development of new tandem MS methods, bioinformatics, and applications to biomedical projects.

Here are our reviews on glycoproteomics:ancham_v084i007.indd

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We organized an intra-laboratory study on assignment of site specific glycoprotein glycosylation:

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We developed methods for assigning site-specific proteoglycan glycosylation

  • Klein, J. A.; Meng, L.; Zaia, J. Deep sequencing of complex proteoglycans: a novel strategy for high coverage and site-specific identification of glycosaminoglycan-linked peptides. Mol Cell Proteomics 2018, 17, 1578-1590. Pubmed Link

We developed methods for assigning site specific glycosylation in viral proteins:

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