Login/ Password/ Personal Profile Questions

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Q.4.  Once someone obtains his/her BU username and Kerberos password, then what?
A.4.  Once people have a BU user-name and Kerberos password they can log into INSPIR to update their personal profile under “My Assistant”, then My Account.  There are Powerpoint slides on the IRB website showing  “How to Update My Personal Profile. Once someone has his/her BU username and Kerberos password he/she can be added to an IRB protocol.

Q3:  What if someone wants to have his/her emails from INSPIR forwarded to a different email account- not their bu.edu email account?
A.3.  If they want to set up a forwarding address or change the forwarding address for their BU user name (e.g. to their bmc.org account or a g-mail account) then they will need to go to  http://www.bu.edu/computing/email/forwarding/. (This is also an IT function, not an IRB function.)

Q2: What if someone has a BU username and password but can’t remember them?
A.2. If they have ever had a BU username and Kerberos password but they can’t remember what it is or they need to change it then they need to go to https://weblogin.bu.edu/accounts/forgotThis is an IT issue that cannot be resolved by the IRB. ***They should NOT simply apply for a new user name and Kerberos password. This creates “complications”.

Q1:  How do I get a profile/username for people who are not showing up in the directory?  For example we have research assistants who don’t have BU Kerberos usernames and passwords and they need to be added to a protocol. I referred them to the “getting started with INSPIR” form where they can request a BU account. 
A.1. Yes, if someone does not have a BU username and Kerberos password (and he/she never had one) then he/she needs to submit an INSPIR Account Request form to BUMC IT. The form is located at: http://www.bumc.bu.edu/irb/inspir-ii/request/. After this form is filled out and submitted, s/he will get an email from BUMC IT with instructions on how to proceed.