IRB Protocol Review Times

Dear Colleagues,

To keep you up to date on how long it is taking the IRB to review various types of submissions, we update the table and graph below on a monthly basis. The table displays the number of days (median and range) from date of submission until date of final determination (approval or rejection) for submissions that reached a final determination in March, 2014. Some types of review require that the submission be sent back and forth between the IRB and the investigator. So we also show the number of days that protocols spend in the IRB office versus in the investigator’s office. Check back next month to see our progress.

James Feldman, M.D., IRB Chair

Lynn Borgatta, M.D., IRB Chair

Sanford Auerbach, M.D., IRB Chair

David Kaufman, Sc.D., IRB Chair

Mary Banks, IRB Director

Review Time for Submissions that Reached Final Determination during March, 2014
Number Days from submission until final determination* Days in IRB office* Days in investigator’s office*
New Protocols
Full-board 12 34 (14-75) 25 (13-61) 7 (0-21)
Expedited 16 12 (1-105) 8 (1-41) 0 (0-82)
Exempt 26 4 (0-19) 4 (0-19) 0 (0-1)
Full-board 14 35 (10-35) 33 (10-30) 0 (0-17)
Expedited/Exempt 82 10 (0-44) 10 (0-39) 0 (0-26)

* These columns show the median number of days (and range).

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