Sean Corbett

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Ph.D. Candidate, Bioinformatics, BUSM
Spira-Lenburg Lab


B.A. Computer Science, Clark University, Worcester, MA, 2011

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Research Interests

Transcriptomic Effects of Environmental Exposures. I am investigating the impact of a variety of inhaled environmental exposures, such as formaldehyde, diesel exhaust, and e-cigarette usage, in order to develop characteristic transcriptional profiles for each exposure in a range of airway epithelial tissues. I also plan to characterize the transcriptional commonalities between all exposures in order to further generalize the “field of injury” hypothesis.

Lung-specific CMAP. I am also participating in an effort to leverage the Broad Institute’s Connectivity Map (CMAP) concept in order to make an airway tissue-specific connectivity map, with an aim of enabling novel therapeutic discoveries for treatment of respiratory diseases.