Jiarui Zhang

Jiarui Zhang - WebsitePh.D. Candidate, Molecular and Translational Medicine, BUSM
Spira-Lenburg Lab


Bachelor of Medicine, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 2015

Contact Information

Email: zjr@bu.edu

Research Interests

Characterizing bronchial airway gene signatures in different types of lung carcinomas. We are using microarrays to analyze bronchial epithelial gene expression from lung cancer patients, and investigate whether aspects from the airway field of injury among lung cancer patients reflects tumor cell type or other aspects of tumor biology.

Identifying genetic profiles that distinguish screen-detected from non-screen-detected lung cancers. We use whole exome sequencing to compare genetic profiles (e.g. gene expressions, somatic mutations) of tumor tissues from early stage screen-detected lung cancers vs. non-screen-detected cancers, with an aim to better understand factors underlying tumor indolence or aggression that lead to different clinical outcomes.