Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate – Monti Lab

Institution: Division of Computational Biomedicine, Boston University
Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate-Computational Biology
Areas of Interest: Computational Biology, Functional Genomics, Cancer
City: Boston
State/Province: Massachusetts

Job Description: We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow in Computational Biology and Cancer Genomics to join the Division of Computational Biomedicine at the BU School of Medicine. The candidate will have the opportunity to work in a unique computationally-oriented section within the medical campus, pursuing highly collaborative projects with significant translational impact, alongside both computational and life science researchers at BU, and collaborators at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute.

The Monti lab is involved in several projects aimed at the development of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, and the in-silico identification of novel therapeutic targets based on the generation and analysis of genomics data. In this context, the candidate’s role will be to develop and apply methods to analyze High-Throughput Sequencing (primarily coding and non-coding RNA-sequencing, and whole-exome sequencing) data for the identification and characterization of the molecular pathways contributing to tumorigenesis, and the study of their perturbation by environmental insults.

The ideal candidate will have: an interdisciplinary background in bioinformatics & computational biology and cancer genomics; advanced expertise in the analysis and interpretation of sequencing data and its integration with other “omics” data sources, including expression microarrays and copy-number SNP-arrays; good programming skills; and advanced knowledge of statistical and machine learning methods. The position would be for a minimum of three years.

Requirements: Qualified candidates should have:

  • A Ph.D. in computational biology, bioinformatics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or related field.
  • Ability to program in Perl or Python and R, with knowledge of MATLAB and/or Java a plus.
  • Familiarity with Unix systems.
  • Demonstrated applied bioinformatics/computational proficiency as evidenced by relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Address inquiries to:

Stefano Monti, Ph.D.

Section of Computational Biomedicine

Boston University School of Medicine

& Bioinformatics Program