To Apply for Membership

Cancer Center Membership

 Membership in the Cancer Center is open to all Boston University faculty and staff and health professionals. The proposed member submits a letter of request to the Executive Committee, or applies online and a full CV with current and pending grant support, and a statement from the faculty member relating to their interest in cancer research and in participating in the Cancer Center. The Executive Committee makes a recommendation to the Director, who then formally appoints the member.

Responsibilities of Cancer Center Membership:

 All Cancer Center members are expected to contribute to the strength of the Cancer Center through support of Cancer Center activities. They are expected to work collaboratively with other scientists and clinical researchers on problems related to cancer. They are also expected to be active participants in Cancer Center research programs and disease-oriented working groups. The responsibilities of members include:

•           A willingness to work as member of an interdisciplinary team of scientists and clinical researchers on problems related to cancer.

•           Active participation in Cancer Center activities including research programs and disease-oriented working groups.

•           Attendance at scheduled functions of the Cancer Center.

Appointments are reviewed every four years and can be terminated by the Director upon recommendation of the Executive Committee. Such action may be taken if a member no longer wishes to participate in the research or clinical activities of the Cancer Center or no longer has an active research or clinical program consistent with the research priorities and directions of the Center.

Benefits of Cancer Center Membership

The benefits of Cancer Center membership include access to developmental funds, access to Cancer Center controlled space, inclusion in the Cancer Center information loop, and subsidized usage of Cancer Center-supported core services.

Web-Based Application:

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