Population Sciences

The goal of the Population Sciences Research Program is to decrease cancer incidence and mortality through the identification of exposures and genetic factors that affect cancer risk and prognosis. In addition, to develop primary, secondary and tertiary cancer prevention interventions.

Program Co-Directors:
Julie Palmer, ScD, MPH [Epidemiology]
Tracy Battaglia, MD, MPH [Internal Medicine]

Program Themes:

  • Cancer Epidemiology (Director: J. Palmer)
    • Identify environmental and genetic factors that influence risk of cancer and survival after cancer
    • Identify determinants of disparities in cancer risk and survival at local, national, and global levels
  • Cancer Control (Director: T. Battaglia)
    • Establish and further develop population and community-based resources for research
    • Identify the incidence, prevalence, and severity of adverse long-term patient-centered outcomes following cancer diagnosis and treatment and develop interventions to prevent or ameliorate such outcomes
    • Assess the magnitude and determinants of disparities in cancer control and outcomes associated with age, race, gender, geography, sexual preference, and other group characteristics and develop interventions to decrease such disparities
    • Partner with healthcare providers and safety net practices to foster culturally sensitive cancer care delivery research