Office of Medical Education

The Office of Medical Education (OME) is responsible for the evaluation of the four-year curriculum at the School of Medicine, and for working with faculty and students to improve all course offerings. The Office also directs the Integrated Problems course in first and second year, the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course in the first and second year, and the Disease and Therapy course in the second year. Additionally, the Office directs the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, and runs the End of First, Second, and Third Year Assessments (EOFYA, EOSYA, and EOTYA respectively).

Faculty and Staff

John WiechaJohn Wiecha, M.D.
Director, Office of Medical Education
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
(617) 638-5110
Peter ShawPeter F. Shaw, Ph.D.
Director, AHEC Program
(617) 638-6406
Nanette HarveyNanette Harvey, M.D.
Course Manager, Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 Spring
(617) 638-5110
Megan YoungMegan Young, M.D.
Course Manager, Integrated Problems
(617) 638-6406
GailMarch 180Gail March, Ph.D.
Director, Instructional Design and Faculty Development
(617) 414-7440
Lorraine StanfieldLorraine Stanfield, M.D.
Course Manager, Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
Director, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
(617) 638-5114
Chris VaughanChris Vaughan
Director, Evaluation and Curriculum Management
(617) 638-5119
Patricia WardPatricia Ward
Coordinator, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center and Integrated Problems
(617) 638-4104
Ginny PotterGinny Potter
Coordinator, Course Evaluations, Integrated Problems, and Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 Spring
(617) 414-7449
Elizabeth Rivera Elizabeth Rivera
Coordinator, Disease and Therapy Course
(617) 414-7450
Athena Gomez-HipolitoAthena Gomez-Hipolito
Committee Coordinator, Medical Education Committee, Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee, and Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee
(617) 414-7441
Jodie TrainorJodie Trainor
Administrative and Financial Manager
Coordinator, Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
(617) 638-6446
Patti GibbsPatti Gibbs
Coordinator, Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
Administrative Assistant
(617) 638-5110
Monica Parker-JamesMonica Parker-James
Coordinator, Principles Integrating Science and Medicine Course
Project Manager, Clinical Site Development
(617) 638-5128
Isaque Rezende
Isaque Rezende
Educational Database Analyst
(617) 638-5112