Dr. Burt Sack Remembrance Project


Over his lifetime, Burt Sack had taught radiograph interpretation to over 80 rheumatologists trained at Boston University, Boston City Hospital and Boston University Medical Center. For 40 years, he collected radiographs of his patients, and patients presented to him on rounds, conferences and visiting professorships. His meticulous attention allowed Burt to catalog and tailor these images into a comprehensive series of interactive lectures spanning all joints in the human body (and the occasional canine), with a focus on rheumatic disease but including elements of overlap with orthopedics and pediatrics.  Burt’s teaching thus impacted the care of the countless patients treated by his many trainees.

As a tribute to the memory of Burt Sack, we would like to convert the radiographs that his family has bequeathed to the Boston University Division of Rheumatology into an on-line interactive educational module that can help carry on Burt’s teaching for decades to come, not just at Boston University but also at any rheumatology fellowship program that wishes to utilize the resource. 

To accomplish this task, we will need to build a website utilizing interactive e-learning software, which will be used to present Burt’s radiographs in a maximally impactful way.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please click here and indicate The Burt Sack Remembrance Project in the other specifics field.

Thank you in advance!

          Tuhina Neogi, MD, PhD                                       Eugene Kissin, MD