Boston University Rheumatology Fellowship Rotation

Please reach out to the Rheumatology Fellowship Coordinator to request a rotation date. Be advised that a minimum of 3 months is required to complete the rotation paperwork and complete the assigned courses.

In your email to the coordinator:

    1. Confirm the date of your rotation.
    2. Do you have a Medical License for Massachusetts? Yes or No.
    3. Have you had a previous rotation with BMC within another training program? If so what is the program?
    4. Are you a US citizen or do you have a Visa? If you have a visa, what type?

    Having the answers to the above questions will help with a smooth application process.

    Work with the coordinator to complete the below paperwork.

    Here is the list of paperwork that needs to be filled out in advance of your rotation.

    Rotator Immunization Form (PDF)

    Requirements for All Rotators

    All rotators are required by the Massachusetts Medical Board to have a valid Massachusetts Medical License. If you do not have a Massachusetts License, you must apply for one on our website. The application can be found here. Download the appropriate application (Limited License) and mail all forms directly to the program you are proposing to rotate at BMC. Please note: license applications can take up to 8 weeks for Board approval once submitted, and will cost you $100.00.

    Boston Medical Center requires all rotators to submit:

    • A completed Application Form (DOC)
    • Reference letter from home PD
    • BMC Program Letter of Agreement signed by home institution
    • CORI Verification from home institution
    • Valid MA Medical License

    Limited License – submit copy of certificate
    Full License – submit copy of application, wallet card, Federal DEA and State Controlled Substance Certification

    • Malpractice Facesheet [minimum of $1 million/$3 million]
    • Immunization History Form (PDF)
    • Current CV
    • Signed IS Usage Agreement (PDF)
    • Completion of all assigned courses in Healthstream
    • If applicable, ECFMG Certificate, proof of US Work Authorization