PhD Candidate Kiloni Quiles-Franco Featured in Podcast Interview

Kiloni Quiles-Franco is a PhD candidate in the labs of Felicia Chen MD in the Pulmonary Center and Evan Johnson PhD in the Division of Computational Biomedicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Kiloni is engaged in a number of on- and off-campus initiatives focused on equity and inclusion, such as the Women’s Professional Development Committee (WPDC), the Minority and International Scientists Organization (MISO), the BU Pulmonary Center Social Justice Forum (SJF), and the Massachusetts Hispanic Medical Association (MAHMA). Kiloni and her co-host Khadija El-Karfi (Romance Studies, CRC) decided to tackle the difficult topic of diversity and anti-racism at BU in this Season’s Vitamin PhD Podcast. Kiloni interviews students, staff, and faculty on the Charles River and Medical campuses who are currently working in this field, and aims to provide tangible, actionable steps folks can take to improve the environment at Boston University. [Please see the links below for more information]