Workshop D

Medical Educators Count, Too: Developing Educator-Specific Faculty Development for Your Department

Juhee McDougal, MD, Craig Noronha, MD, and Sonia Ananthakrishnan, MD

Department of Medicine, Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine


Faculty development focuses on improving skills, knowledge, and attitudes in a variety of domains including leadership, teaching, scholarship, and educational development. Faculty development is an integral tool in skills development but can also provide avenue for networking and community building. Faculty goals for educational activities may also vary depending on their specific clinical, administrative, and educational roles. To help support competency based medical education, the AAMC co-introduced educator milestones in order to aid in assessment of teaching effectiveness and ongoing faculty development of educators. This interactive workshop will focus on the design of educator-specific faculty development on the medical campus. Workshop attendees will create an educational needs assessment for their group and be led in exercises to identify barriers to successful faculty development. A portion of the workshop will focus on surmounting challenges related to engagement of faculty members in the setting of burnout, increased productivity pressures, and accreditation issues. Participants will also engage in discussions of how to utilize the skills of educators across the institution to help fill in gaps. The workshop will incorporate a small amount of didactics with both large and small group discussions.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this workshop is educators, including module, course, clerkship, and program directors/administrators who are interested in further advancing educator development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce AAMC Educator Milestones as a framework for assessment of educational skills for educators in all settings
  • Create needs assessment of gaps in educational skills for attendee’s relevant teaching domain
  • Identify barriers to disseminating successful educator-specific faculty development

Session Outline:

Introductions (5 min)

Our Experience with Faculty Development (5 min)

Small Group Breakout (10 min)

  • Discuss your current involvement with faculty development.
  • Discuss your specific challenges and opportunities for medical education focused faculty development.

Introduction to AAMC Educator milestones (5 min)

Small Group Breakout (15 min)

  • Pick 1-2 items from the AAMC Educator Milestone that are important and relevant for your educators.
  • Design a needs assessment for your relevant teaching domain based on a provided template.
  • How would you define success of educator faculty development in your program?

Large Group Debrief (5 min)

Small Group Breakout (15 min)

  • Discuss how we can share resources across the institution or when needed how do we develop faculty educational experts that can deliver faculty development across the medical campus
  • Review system-level strategies to support educators in terms of protected time, compensation, wellness, etc.

Longitudinal planning for ongoing faculty development and evaluation (5 min)

Wrap-up (5 min)