Moakley 3 Nursing Team Has Won the Daisy Team Award

I am very proud and excited to share that the Moakley 3 Nursing team has won the Daisy Team Award. The team was presented with the award on Tuesday by Nancy Gaden. They received a certificate, a beautiful statue, and a plaque that we will have hung on the unit.

What is the Daisy Team Award?

The DAISY Team Award is a concept brought to us by DAISY Award Partner Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. It recognizes that while an idea to achieve better patient and family outcomes may start with one individual, it often takes an entire team to implement successfully. The DAISY Team Award is designed to honor collaboration by two or more people, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and/or patient family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of Nursing.

Our team was nominated by a patient and his wife:
All the nurses need to be recognized. Choosing one from all of the angels on this floor is impossible. When you hear the word cancer it is devastating. My husband has received unbelievable help- assistance from all of this amazing floor. As his wife, they never forget that I too am going through this diagnosis alongside of my husband. All the medical professionals on this floor deserve to be recognized for their patience, expertise, devotion to all patients, especially to my husband! They said 90% of fighting cancer is attitude. We both have a great attitude because of these healthcare professionals, so again we nominate the whole floor to be recognized! Choosing one is not easy! They all deserve recognition.