Anti-Racism Interview with Third Year GPGG Student, Taylor!

Check out this 10-minute interview with our very own, Taylor Matte, as he talks about his work with Boston University’s School of Medicine’s Anti-Racism Task Force. Taylor represents all of the PhD students on the panel. Taylor talks about a major project that the task force is working on, in which he is spearheading,  instructing the upcoming BUSM-MedSci Program (MSP) – a program that intends to give underrepresented high school students an opportunity to be exposed to various clinical and basic science topics.  This is also closely associated with the work Taylor did with the Boston Area Health Education Center (BAHEC), whose goal is similar. Taylor also gives some great advice to other genetics professionals (or anyone really!) about some steps to take to be anti-racist in your everyday work. Here is the most recent update from the task force as well.