Knight Steel Awarded to Dr. Emily Jones

Each year the geriatrics section selects a resident to receive the Knight steel award. This award was created in honor of R. Knight Steel, the first professor of Geriatrics and Chief of Geriatrics at the Evans Memorial Department of Medicine. The recipient of this award is an individual who has a “personal commitment to older individuals in need of medical care, and excellence in geriatric clinical medicine.” This year’s recipient of the Knight Steel Award goes to Dr. Emily Jones.

Dr. Emily Jones has conveyed her deep commitment to the care of older adults during her time in the Geriatrics section. She has been a strong advocate for her older adult patients and has exhibited a commitment to health equity and social justice. Dr. Jones chose to do her second clinic in Geriatrics for two years, further demonstrating her passion for the care of older adults. Her eagerness to learn coupled with her commitment to her patients make Dr. Jones the ideal recipient of this award.

Dr. Jones is pursuing a fellowship in Geriatrics and will be the most wonderful addition to our field.