2021 AGS Annual Meeting

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) held its annual conference virtually this year on May 13-May 15. Our four fellows, Drs. Maya Abdallah, Shravya Budidi, Emily Cetrone, and Sarah King, presented their quality improvement (QI) project titled, “Call Me Maybe: An Intervention to Reduce Telehealth No-Show Rates in a Geriatric Primary Care Clinic.” In addition to their group QI project, each of our fellows had their own individual projects. Our second-year fellow, Dr. Shivani Jindal, presented on, “Point of Care Ultrasound Testing for Clinicians Caring for Home Bound or Institutional-dwelling Older Adults: A National Survey and Needs Assessment.”

We also had faculty present at the AGS annual conference. The following faculty that had accepted abstracts were Drs. Ryan Chippendale, Hollis Day, Lindsay Demers, Rossana Lau-Ng, Nicole Mushero, and Vassiliki Pravodelov.

There was a wide range of topics from our fellows and faculty, which included:

  • Medical Education
  • Fellowship Education
  • Palliative Care Discussions
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • End of Life Care and Guardianship
  • Decision Aids in Hematologic Malignancies
  • Opioid Use Disorder

To learn more about the AGS conference, click here. Next year’s conference will take place at Orlando, FL.