Rory Silvia Awarded the “Unstoppable!” Award

Rory Silvia with our section chief, Hollis Day
Rory Silvia (left) with our section chief, Hollis Day (right)

The AMBY CUP is awarded monthly or earned to the team member, team, or practice who best exemplifies the values and goals of the BMC Ambulatory Organization.  This month the “Unstoppable!” Award goes to our own Operations Manager, Rory Silvia.

Rory has been a steady leader in our vaccination efforts and a true team player. She is quick to give shout-outs to her colleagues and helped to organize vaccinating Geriatrics Home Care patients, a module used, a model used as a framework for the State of Massachusetts. Rory assisted in go-live of both the Shapiro and Dowling patient vaccine clinic.  Her efforts to vaccinate our Geriatric patients have paid off, resulting in the Geriatrics Section having the highest vaccination conversion rate across all ambulatory departments.