Barriers Facing Older Adults with Substance Use Disorders in Post–Acute Care Settings

As the number of older adults with chronic medical illnesses and substance use disorders (SUD) and especially opioid use disorder (OUD) increases, so does the need for post–acute care services in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Unfortunately, care delivery in SNFs is not set up to match the needs of older adults with SUD due to societal, regulatory, financial, and educational barriers. In Generations Journal, the quarterly journal of the American Society on Aging, Dr. Lau-Ng and her co-authors examines some of these barriers and areas for improvement for the treatment of older adults with addiction disorders in SNFs.

Check out the article in Generations written by Drs. Rossana Lau-Ng, Director of Nursing Home; Hollis Day, Chief of Geriatrics; and Daniel Alford, Director of the Safe and Competent Opioid Prescribing Education.