Red Cooler Bag

Boston Medical Center’s Home Care Program was established in 1875 and is the oldest, continuously operating in-home medical service in the United States, delivering care to those who cannot leave their homes for treatment. Our Home Care Program provides primary medical care to approximately 500 frail, home-bound and isolated older adults in the neighborhoods of Boston. Every year our home care providers administer the flu vaccination for our patients, but the experience has been different this year during the pandemic.

Read this article, Red Cooler Bag, by Dr. Megan Young about the experience our home care providers had this year administering the flu vaccinations to our home-bound patients.

Flu vaccines are not the only vaccines these red cooler bags held this year. We are currently using these red cooler bags to transport and administer the COVID-19 vaccines to our home-bound patients. See our three home care geriatricians (Drs. Ryan Chippendale, Won Lee, and Leah Taffel) and fellow (Dr. Sarah King) pictured below.