Mini-Scholarship Day

Our section had our bi-annual, Mini-Scholarship Day on Friday, January 29, 2021. The purpose of the Geriatrics Mini-Scholarship Day is to provide informal updates about current research within the Section of Geriatrics. Section members are invited to give brief overviews of their current research projects/papers.  

Below are our section members and their respective research projects.

Picture of the Presenters in the Section of Geriatrics  Presenter Name Title

Image result for Vassiliki Pravodelov, MD Boston

Vassiliki Pravodelov, MD
Instructor of Medicine, Section of Geriatrics, Dept. of Med., BUSM

Opioid Prescribing Trends in Geriatrics
New England Centenarian Team Annual Update
Ryan Chippendale, MD
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program Director,  BMC/BUSM
GERIatrics Fellows Learning Online And Together (GERIAFLOAT): Staying Afloat during the COVID storm
Emily Cetrone, MD
Geriatric Medicine Fellow
No Place Like Home: The Value of Geriatric House Calls for Patient Care and Medical Education