Tech Talks!

The Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research has launched a new series of talks titled:

 “From Evolving Technologies to Discoveries”


When: Selected Mondays at noon

Goal: Enhance visibility of our research tools and interdisciplinary researchers, while educating our research community in evolving technologies.

Format: The talk will be given by our faculty via Zoom for up to 40 minutes: half devoted to the principal of the technology and available resources – half focused on its application to your research. The talk will be advertised on both campuses.

Inaugural Speakers and talks:

  • Monday, June 24th, 2024
    Dr. Lou Gerstenfeld/ SomaLogic, a protein array to identify disease biomarkers and inducers
  • Monday, September 9th, 2024
    Dr. Ruben Dries/ Spatial Transcriptomics – means to identify gene expression in context of tissue environment
  • Monday, November 4th, 2024
    Dr. George Murphy/ Next generation iPSC technologies: New avenues for biological discovery
  • Monday, January 13th, 2025
    Dr. Weining Lu and ARC co-director AI expert/ Application of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine- The Case of Digital Pathology

Please let us know: What other technologies you wish to learn more about?

Please contact Robin MacDonald with suggestions

Register for the talks here.