ARCs Receiving Funding for 2023/2024

The Evans Center IBR is pleased to announce the Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARCs) that have been awarded funding for the 2023/2024 year:

New ARCs (as of 2023):

Interdisciplinary Approach to Tuberculosis Research Co-Directors: Drs. Karen Jacobson, Charles ‘Bob’ Horsburgh, Laura White

Musculoskeletal Biology Over a Lifespan (CeMH) Co-Directors: Drs. Paola Divieti Pajevic, David Felson and LaDora Thompson

Continuing ARCs and ARC Programs:

A Multi-Disciplinary Program to Identify Predictors of Efficacy and Resistance to Cancer Checkpoint Inhibition (PIPER-C ARC) Co-Directors: Drs. Matthew Kulke, Evan Johnson, David Sherr and Gerald Denis

Respiratory Viruses: a focus on COVID-19 Program / Director: Dr. Markus Bosmann; Co-Director: Dr. Mohsan Saeed

Thrombosis and Hemostasis ARC Program Co-Directors: Drs. Vipul Chitalia, Katya Ravid, Jean Francis

Precision Medicine for Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders ARC Program / Co-Directors: Drs. Lindsay Farrer, Rhoda Au and Alice Cronin-Golomb

Mobile and Electronic (ME)-HealthARC Program /Director: Dr. Belinda Borrelli; Leadership: Drs. Rebecca Mishuris and Swathi Kiran

Fibrosis ARC: Connecting Tissues and Investigators (FCTI)ARC Program / Co-Directors: Drs. Maria Trojanowska, Irving Bigio and Xaralabos ‘Bob’ Varelas