What is MobileLab?

The MobileLab is a forty-foot traveling science laboratory whose mission is to increase community access to modern-day biotechnology.  It is specially designed for grade 7-12 teachers and their students to participate in hands-on laboratory investigations.  The MobileLab staff work closely with participants during the laboratory sessions.  The MobileLab is completely self-contained, providing state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.  The MobileLab is wheelchair accessible.  We are currently awaiting approval to reopen scheduling of the MobileLab post-COVID.

Opportunities for Teachers and Students

  • Access to inquiry-based CityLab curriculum supplements
  • On-site professional development
  • Flexibility to schedule multiple classes of up to 24 students at a time
  • Pre-lab instructional materials to prepare the students for investigations aboard the MobileLab
  • Laboratory-based learning experiences that promote inquiry
  • Authentic applications of biotechnological principles

Additional Opportunities

The MobileLab is available throughout the year for custom-made workshops at biotechnology companies or other institutions. 

Check out our Fall 2021 video!

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