Use these links to find resources and databases related to science education

Women in Engineering and Technology

Learn about some extraordinary contributions to science, engineering, and technology by famous female engineers.

APS Online

Educational resources of the American Physiological Society

Ask a Scientist a Question

Use NASA’s ask a scientist feature to ask questions and have live chats with scientists.

Biolink: Training the Biotechnology Workforce

An NSF funded national advanced technological education center for biotechnology that provides resources and curriculum for biotechnology education in the classroom and workforce.


Offers education, training, and staffing solutions to the global bioscience industry.


Has a current events section that is updated daily and contains links to newspaper articles and news programs from around the country.

Biotechnology Information Directory Section

Contains links to education, employment, employment, and news in the biotech field.

Biotechnology Outreach About Access Excellence

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center and UW-Extension. It has many biotechnology resources.

Cells Alive!

A site that uses video microscopy to show live cells.

Genetic Science Learning Center

This University of Utah site offers great information on life sciences including hands-on labs.

DNA from the Beginning

An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.

DNA Interactive

Multimedia guide to the discovery of DNA. Includes teacher’s guides and link to myDNAi, which teachers can use for free to organize resources and obtain a unique website for their students to visit. Genome Programs of the U.S. Department of Energy

Information of biofuel, genomics. Also links to images.

Fralin Biotechnology Center: Outreach At Fralin

The Fralin Biotechnology Center at Virginia Tech provides information about different types of biotechnology and science education/outreach programs as well as useful links for educators.

Gene Almanac

The Dolan DNA learning center’s portal to their various sites.

Home Page for Dr. Toby M Horn

Toby Horn, co-Director of the Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE), created the site which contains excellent resources and ideas related to biotechnology education.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Biomedical Research & Science Education

Contains information about molecular biology and genetics of human diseases.

Human Genome Project Information

Includes information on DNA, genes, and gene mapping.

I am an African American Scientist

Provides information on minorities in Science, Math, Engineering, and Medicine.

Massachusetts Society for Medical Research

A non-profit science education organization whose goals include improving literacy and increasing enthusiasm in biological sciences.


Includes resources and information related to Mendelian genetics.

National Human Genome Research Institute

Contains information about Human Genome Research

New England Aquarium

Contains educational material as well as a schedule of upcoming events.

Nobel Prize Lessons & Games

These lessons, games and, simulations, based on Prize-winning achievements, will teach and inspire you while you’re having fun.

University of Illinois at Chicago Life Sciences Resources

An online guide to Life Science resources

The Biology Project

From the University of Arizona, an online interactive website for learning biology.

DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Multimedia guide to genetic disorders.


The EcoTarium in Worcester has a collection of free STEM at home resources and access to paid virtual classes and animal encounters.

MIT Museum 

Engage with online resources, virtual events, and at-home activities.

Museum of Science, Boston

Explore the Museum of Science at home with a collection of STEM resources.