In the News: Tuhina Neogi on updated Guidelines for Management of Patients with Gout

New recommendations for the management of patients with gout were presented in draft form at the 2019 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Annual Meeting. The ACR Practice Guidelines Committee determined that it was necessary to update the 2012 version of the guidelines, based on new evidence from clinical trials. The new guidelines are currently under […]

Andreea Bujor receives RRF Investigator Award with the Malawista designation

Dr. Andreea Bujor, Assistant Professor in Rheumatology, has received a 3-year Investigator Award from the Rheumatology Research Foundation. Andreea’s research, titled “The role of myeloid Fli1 in organ fibrosis in scleroderma,” will address an unanswered question regarding scleroderma heart fibrosis: whether monocytes/macrophages contribute to the disease pathogenesis.  The study systematically examines the contribution of the […]

In the News: Tuhina Neogi in Medical Xpress

December 11, 2019 Concerns about other painkillers contributed to opioid crisis, study finds by Boston University School of Medicine Credit: CC0 Public Domain Patients with chronic pain caught between cardiovascular concerns about non-opioid analgesics and addiction risks of opioids, likely causing significant unmet need for pain relief. Read the article in Medical Xpress

In the News: Tuhina Neogi in RheumNow

A Role for SGLT2 Inhibition in Gout? By MedPage Today | 17 December 2019 The antidiabetic medication canagliflozin (Invokana) lowered serum urate and reduced the risk of gout flare in a post-hoc analysis of data from two large clinical trials. In the CANVAS clinical trial program, which was funded by Janssen Research & Development and […]

In the News: Tuhina Neogi in MDedge | Rheumatology

Guidelines Updated gout guidelines: Don’t let kidney function dictate allopurinol dosing Publish date: December 9, 2019 By M. Alexander Otto REPORTING FROM ACR 2019 ATLANTA – Soon-to-be-published gout guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology will recommend dosing allopurinol above 300 mg/day to get serum urate below 6 mg/dL, even in people with renal impairment. […]

In the News: Tuhina Neogi in endocrineweb

Gout Management—Need for Greater Attentiveness to Broader Treatment Treating patients at risk for or diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should be closely monitored for gout-related disease, with treat-to-target therapy initiated early with ongoing monitoring, informed by new consensus statement, and clinical guidelines pending from the American College of Rheumatology. Written by Kathleen Doheny with John […]

Kathryn Bacon receives RRF Career Development Research Award

Dr. Kathryn Bacon, Instructor of Medicine in Rheumatology, has received a Career Development Research Award from the Rheumatology Research Foundation. Kathy’s research, titled “Machine-Learning Analysis of Longitudinal Gait Data in Osteoarthritis,” leveraging data from the MOST cohort (a large longitudinal cohort of people with or at risk of osteoarthritis) will use machine-learning methods to analyze […]

IN THE NEWS: Tuhina Neogi at ACR2019

BMC’s new Chief of #Rheumatology, @Tuhina_Neogi, highlights @ACRheum’s updated practice guidelines for managing #gout, focusing on the treat-to-target strategy & optimizing urate-lowering therapy:  via @Consultant360 @RheumatologyCo1