Fellowship in Retinal-Vitreous Disease


The Department of Ophthalmology at Boston University School of Medicine offers a two-year combined research and clinical fellowship in vitreo-retinal diseases and surgery.  This program is AUPO compliant.  The program provides comprehensive training in both medical retina and vitreo-retinal surgery.  The program is intended to prepare the candidate for either a career in academic medicine or private practice.  Fellows will work closely with both attending physicians and residents and will be actively involved in the residency teaching program.

The fellowship is administered through the Ophthalmology Matching Program.  Requests for an application and other inquiries should be sent to:  Education Coordinator, Department of Ophthalmology, 85 East Concord Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02118.

1st year-Fellow

Fellows will participate in the evaluation and management of patients with medical retinal disorders such as age related maculopathy, diabetic retinopathy, ocular inflammation, and retinal degeneration.  There will be extensive training in the interpretation of fluorescein, OCT, ERG, ultrasound, and indocyanine green angiography.  There will also be an opportunity to examine patients with retinal degenerations and to participate in electroretinographic studies.  The fellows will perform retinal laser photocoagulation and intravitreal injections.

2nd year- Fellow

Fellows will obtain extensive training in vitreo-retinal surgery.  This will include pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative considerations.  This training will include all currently employed methods of vitreo-retinal surgery including scleral buckling surgery and pars plana vitrectomy.  The surgical experience will include exposure to various techniques such as membrane stripping, the use of intra-ocular gases, silicone oil and perfluorocarbon liquids.  Vitreo-retinal surgery will be performed at the Boston Medical Center, as well as the Boston Veterans’ Administration Medical Center (VAMC) in Jamaica Plain.  The Boston VAMC is a regional referral center for all of New England.  The Boston University vitreo-retinal fellow will participate in all retinal surgeries performed at the center.  The Boston University retinal fellow is the only fellow to participate in the retina clinics or vitreo-retinal surgery performed at the Boston VAMC.





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