Meet Our Residents & Fellows

Below is our current list of residents and fellows. We come from many parts of the world and many different backgrounds. Despite this, we are all united with one goal of providing excellent patient care while learning to become excellent clinical neurologists. We try to squeeze some fun in as well!

Brigid Dwyer

Brigid Dwyer (PGY-4)


Luciana Catanese (PGY-4)

Pantelis Pavlakis

Pantelis Pavlakis (PGY-4)

Jami Johnsen

Jami Johnsen (PGY-4)

Rafael Zuzuarregui

Rafael Zuzuarregui (PGY-4)
(Chief Resident)

Shuhan Zhu

Shuhan Zhu (PGY-4)
(Chief Resident)


Julie Grimes (PGY-3)

Anthony Savino (PGY-3)

Chantale Branson (PGY-3)


Benjamin Saunders (PGY-3)

Nilofar Dudha (PGY-3)

Venkatesh Janakiraman (PGY-3)


C. Frances Fan (PGY-2)

Simy Kabaria (PGY-2)

Jason Weller (PGY-2)

Guannan Ge (PGY-2)

Cigdem Isitan (PGY-2)

Malveeka Sharma (PGY-2)

Child Neurology Residents

Avy Ronay (PGY-3)

Sherry Santiago Castro (PGY-3)

Vascular Neurology Fellows

Abdullah Tawakul (PGY-5)

Hugo Aparicio (PGY-6)

Movement Disorder Fellow

Anindita Deb (PGY-5)

Sleep Medicine Fellows

Alysandratos (PGY-5)

Jai Dev Kumar (PGY-5)

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine