Meet Our Residents & Fellows

Below is our current list of residents and fellows. We come from many parts of the world and many different backgrounds. Despite this, we are all united with one goal of providing excellent patient care while learning to become excellent clinical neurologists. We try to squeeze some fun in as well!

Bird_Katelyn-2x2 Katelyn Bird (PGY-4)
(Chief Resident)
Knobel_Mark-2x2 Mark Knobel (PGY-4) Lane_Brittany-2x2 Brittany Bolduc (PGY-4)
Marks_Ariel-2x2 Ariel Marks (PGY-4) Pergakis_Melissa-2x2Melissa Pergakis (PGY-4)
(Chief Resident)
Kahriman_Azmin-2x2Azmin Kahriman (PGY-4)
Ferree_Andrew-2x2Andrew Ferree (PGY-3) Shah_Sunali-2x2Sunali Shah (PGY-3) Vaisman_Lev-2x2Lev Vaisman (PGY-3)
Dashkoff_Jonathan-2x2Jonathan Dashkoff (PGY-3) Saaz_Elie-2x2Elie Sader (PGY-3) Erin BarnesErin Barnes (PGY-2)
David KopelDavid Kopel (PGY-2) Brent SilverBrent Silver (PGY-2) Deepti VirmaniDeepti Virmani (PGY-2)
Anuj Patel
Anuj Patel (PGY-2)
Robert Martin
Robert Martin (PGY-2)
Thiago Carneiro (PGY-2)

Child Neurology Residents
Dayra LicierDayra Licier Oquendo (PGY-3) Camila Cosmo (PGY-3)
Vascular Neurology Fellows

Roberts_Virginia-2x2Virginia Roberts (PGY-5)

7Q3A3109 (2)Sharjeel Panjwani (PGY-5)

Sleep Medicine Fellows
Hammer_David-2x2David Hammer (PGY-5) Wu_Ting-2-5x3-5Ting Wu (PGY-5)
Movement Disorders Fellow
VA/BUMC Sports Neurology Fellow
Lauren TalmanLauren Talman (PGY-5) Jason WellerJason Weller (PGY-5)


Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine