Planning Committee

Department of Medical Science & Education Theresa Davies (Co-Leader of McCahan Day)
Maura Kelley (Co-Leader of McCahan Day)
Paige Curran (Office of Student Affairs)
Gail March (Office of Medical Education)
Hee-Young Park (Professor and Chair)
Gloria Vachino  (Biomedical Laboratory and Clinical Sciences)
Educational Media Jana Mulkern
Kenith Wilson
Dan Madigan
GSDM Mark Ferriero (General Dentistry)
Andrea Maalouf (General Dentistry)
SPH Sophie Godley (Community Health Sciences)
Rob Schadt (Teaching, Learning and Technology)
Taryn Vian (Global Health)
Educators Ariel Hirsch (Radiology)
Stephanie Oberhaus (Microbiology)
Kitt Shaffer (Radiology)
Jeffrey Schneider (Emergency Medicine)
Aaron Young (Physiology)
Ann Zumwalt (Anatomy & Neurobiology)
Monica Parker-James (Office of Academic Affairs)
Alumni Medical Library Alissa Link
Laura Sobel
OME Jodie Trainor
Patti Gibbs

Meeting Minutes