2020 Planning Committee

The 15th Annual McCahan Education Day has been postponed to a later date. In light of the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing committee will honor all Abstract submissions when it considers Awards for Best Student Abstract and Best Resident/Fellow Abstract, regardless of whether that student, resident or fellow has graduated by the time of the rescheduled event. Stay tuned for more details about the rescheduled McCahan Education Day.

Department of Medical Sciences & Education Hee-Young Park (Professor and Chair)
Theresa Davies (Co-Leader of McCahan Day)
Maura Kelley (Educator)
Elaine Lee (Educator)
Stacey Hess-Pino (Educator)
Paige Curran (Office of Student Affairs)
Fadie Coleman (Educator)
Kathleen Berentsen Swenson (Educator)
BUMC IT, Educational Media Jana Mulkern
Kenith Wilson
BU Goldman School of Dental Medicine Yoshiyuki Mochida (Molecular & Cellular Biology)
BU School of Public Health Carol Dolan (Community Health Sciences)
Educators Lindsay Demers (Medicine)
Jeffrey Schneider (Emergency Medicine)
Jonathan Wisco (Anatomy & Neurobiology)
Aaron Young (Physiology)
Ann Zumwalt (Anatomy & Neurobiology)
Alumni Medical Library Dave Flynn
Medical Education Office Caroline Mulligan
Melissa Paz
Jodie Trainor
Elizabeth Yellen (Office of Academic Affairs)