Workshop A

The One-Minute Learner: An Innovative Tool to Promote Student-Faculty Discussion of Goals and Expectations

Molly Cohen-Osher, M.D.
Miriam Hoffman-Kleiner, M.D.

Workshop Goals:
It is critical that student and teacher goals and expectations are in alignment in order to enable clinical teaching experiences to be successful. However, lack of discussion of goals and expectations is common in clinical teaching settings, leading to poorer quality teaching and learning, frustration, and problems with evaluation. The One-Minute Learner (OML) is a specialty-neutral and setting-neutral, simple tool that can be given to learners and faculty to enable proactive discussions of goals and expectations. This session will review the importance of goal setting and discussions of expectations, and will demonstrate how both learners and faculty can use the OML tool to achieve this. Participants will practice using the OML tool and discuss how to implement this tool to enhance their clinical teaching.

Target audience: Faculty, residents and medical students who work in clinical teaching environments