Workshop D — “You did a great job. Keep on keeping on”: How to Improve and Integrate Faculty Assessments and Feedback of Trainees

Rachel Simmons, MD, Craig Noronha, MD, and Sonia Ananthakrishnan, MD

Target Audience:

Educators and other faculty leaders who routinely provide feedback and assessment, especially student and trainee educators, as well as course and program directors/administrators who are interested in improving assessment and feedback exchange in resident education


Ideally, in medical education multiple feedback exchanges between faculty and trainees provides timely, specific, and behavioral based information that aggregate to form the backbone for an overall assessment of a trainee’s performance.  An assessment, when implemented properly is a systematic gathering of information about what the learner knows, is able to do, and identify areas for improvement. However, in the real world we find that faculty feedback and assessment are often lacking in several areas and may even be discordant. There is a paucity of faculty development around feedback and assessment of trainees

This workshop session is intended to provide faculty skills to improve assessment and feedback of clinical and non-clinical students and trainees. Participants will identify barriers for high level assessment and feedback exchange within undergraduate and graduate medical education programs. 2 areas of focus will be on 1) improving consistency between feedback and assessments and 2) improving narrative assessments using the Completed Clinical Evaluation Report Rating (CCERR).  This workshop will include interactive case based skills practice using assessment and feedback related tools, tailored to specific academic and clinical settings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the elements of feedback and assessment
  • Describe barriers to assessment and feedback in resident education
  • Practice providing feedback and creating assessments, both narrative and ratings, in specific scenarios


Introduction (5 minutes)

Large group discussion (5 minutes)

  • Describe known gaps in assessment and feedback in health-care education

Small group discussion (15 minutes)

  • Identify barriers in assessment and feedback

Didactic (15 minutes)

  • Define elements and root components of feedback
  • Define assessment and how it differs from feedback
  • Introduce feedback tool
  • Introduce the Completed Clinical Evaluation Report Rating (CCERR)

Small group skills practice using longitudinal cases (25 minutes)

  • Part 1: Utilization of feedback tool
  • Part 2: When given additional information about learner, complete portion of CSEF with narrative comments

Large group debrief and discussion — How to improve assessment in trainee education (15 minutes)

Wrap up with Q&A (5-10 minutes)