Workshop D



Kenith Wilson, M.Ed. & Vafa Akhtar-Khavari, Ed.M

BUMC IT – Educational Media and Department of Anesthesiology, BUSM

Description Part 1:

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the idea of the “flipped classroom” and help participants pick the right technological tools. Through a discussion among the participants we are going to pinpoint the goals of their flipped class, and introduce some practical ideas and tools they can use to achieve those goals.

Part 2:

Additionally, we will present tips from research on how instructors can best implement these tools to achieve the best outcomes.

Target Participants Faculty, staff and students who are interested in the flipped approach. We are inviting participants who would like to share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others to continue refining their approach.
Software Demo 1.      Echo360Cloud

2.      Echo360 Personal Capture

3.      Kaltura Capture Space

Materials Provided
  1. Electronic copy of the PowerPoint Presentation used at the beginning of the session
  2. Paper & electronic copy of the handouts used during the demo portion.
Rough Agenda 1.      Presentation (10 Minutes)

2.      Discussion (10 Minutes)

3.      Hands-on Demonstration of the software tools (1Hr)

4.      Q & A (10 Min)

Technical Requirements Due to the technical hands-on nature of this workshop ideally this workshop would require a computer lab.
Learning Objectives 1.      Understanding of the Flipped Classroom approach

2.      Understanding of the interactive video platforms

3.      Ability to identify the appropriate tool for your individual classroom needs

Expected Enrollment Between 5 to 20 participants
  1. Kenith Wilson

Educational Technologist

Educational Media Center – Boston University Medical Campus

M.Ed. (Learning Media & Technology) – UMass Amherst


2.    Vafa Akhtar-Khavari

Instructor of Anesthesiology

Boston University School of Medicine

Ed.M (Technology, Innovation, and Education)  – Harvard