Required Responsibilities for Students Undertaking GH Electives

All students who undertake a 4th-year GH elective must complete the following list of responsibilities. These are required whether or not a student seeks a travel grant. Students who do not comply with these requirements may not be allowed to pursue their electives and/or receive travel grants after their return.

Students participating in the Greece elective are responsible for all items below except #6, #12, and #14.

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List of Required Responsibilities: Before Departure

  1. Book Your Flight
    Book your flight immediately to take advantage of advance fare prices.
  2. Review or Set Up Emergency Travel Assistance
    Medical students traveling abroad for electives are required to have emergency
    travel assistance. Emergency travel assistance is available to students enrolled
    in Aetna Student Health Plus (B.U. health plan) through On Call International

    • If you have Aetna, you are already enrolled in OC. For more info, go to On Call for a full description of services and to print an ID card that contains contact info for On Call services.
    • If you DO NOT have Aetna and your insurance provider does not offer this type of service, BUSM will purchase OC coverage for you. To do this, complete the application and e-mail it to Ana Gregory at least 4 weeks before the start of your elective. Once enrolled, see On Call for a full description of services and to print an ID card that contains contact info for On Call services.
  1. Immunize Yourself
    Make an appointment with the BMC travel clinic or a clinic of your choice. Your appointment should be at least 3 months before departure for shots to take effect. We recommend checking your benefits with your insurance carrier before making an appointment to see what is covered. For students with Aetna student health insurance: Do not make an appointment for this purpose with BU Student Health Services; they do not handle these types of appointments. If you plan to use the BMC travel clinic, your physical exam may not be covered by Aetna if you have already had an exam by your primary care physician during the same calendar year.BMC Travel Clinic*: 617-414-4290 (* For issues regarding BMC Travel Clinic insurance coverage, contact Dr. Sarfaty.)
  2. Complete EdX Course – Part 2
    Complete the following EdX course and submit the completion certificate to Ana Gregory via e-mail. The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health-Part 2: Preparation and On The Ground
    [Learn how to effectively prepare for, organize and participate in GH rotations and projects.]
  3. Research Your Destination
    Visit these web sites for country-specific information:

    • U.S. Department of State Check this site periodically before departure. BUSM will not give credit or support to a medical student in a country where a Dept. of State Travel Warning is in effect.
    • Students Abroad (U.S. Department of State)
    • CDC Review travel notices for your destination country; country description (gov’t, language, climate); local laws and customs; safety (e.g., using public transport, using currency); food and water, etc.
  1. Meet with Dr. Sarfaty
    Meet with Dr. Sarfaty at least 4-6 weeks before departure to discuss preparation and items in steps #4 and #5 above. Be prepared for your meeting! The Office of Enrichment holds these meetings periodically for groups of students undertaking GH electives. You will be informed of a session by Ana Gregory. If you do not receive a date for this meeting, e-mail Ana.
  1. Review Guidelines for Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure and Post-Exposure
    Prophylaxis (PEP)
    These guidelines delineate recommended actions for participants in BMC global health electives in case of an occupational exposure to potentially infectious blood or body fluids. While the guidelines were written for BMC resident physicians, medical students are asked to follow these guidelines while undertaking GH electives.
  1. Request Emergency Card from Ana Gregory
    Once you have met with Dr. Sarfaty (#6), e-mail Ana Gregory and request that she send you the ‘Emergency Card for International Travel‘ that lists Dr. Sarfaty’s and state department contact info in the event of an emergency.
  1. Register Your Travel Plans with BU and the State Department
    • Register with the BU International Travel Registry.
      In accordance with the BU International Travel Risk Policy, medical students are required to register their travel before undertaking any university-sponsored international travel. The Registry enables emergency communication between you and BU while you are abroad.
    • Register with U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), a free service that allows U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trips with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This allows the US Embassy to contact travlers in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency. It will also help family and friends contact the traveler in an emergency.
  1. Pick Up Your Elective Evaluation Form in the Registrar’s Office
    Before departure, visit the BUSM registrar’s office (A-4) and obtain the elective evaluation form for your elective. Bring the form to your evaluator to complete and return it to the registrar in a sealed envelope with his/her signature across the seal.
  2. Watch “First, Do No Harm: A Qualitative Research Documentary”
    Watch “First, Do No Harm” documentary online and complete the pre- and post-surveys.

      • Pre-View Survey: com/s/HZFGFGB
      • Post-View Survey: com/s/8B6YMW2

List of Required Responsibilites Upon Return

  1. Complete Post-Elective Report
    Post-Elective Report (must be submitted within 30 days of student’s return and no later than the Friday before graduation)
  2. Complete EdX Course – Part 3
    Complete the following EdX course and submit the completion certificate to Ana Gregory via e-mail. The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health – Part 3: Reflection [Learn how to effectively prepare to return from a global health learning experience.]
  3. Send Documents to Ana Gregory for Travel Grant Reimbursement
    If you were awarded a travel grant, you must send the following to Ana Gregory after your elective:

    • Your name and address (where the check will be sent)
    • The dates of your trip
    • Electronic copies of receipts for at least the amount you were awarded.
      The following documents are acceptable: flight receipts, program fees,
      rental fees.

Once your documents are received, a check will be issued in about 2 weeks time and mailed to the address you provided.