GH Summer Scholarship (BUSM I)

Summer, 2022

The Global Health (GH) Summer Scholarship Program was adapted to the post-Covid world environment for summer, 2022. As of 2/18/2022, the following experiences will be supported for summer, 2022 as part of the scholarship program. Unless you spoke to Dr. Sarfaty by 2/1/2022, we are not accepting applications for research at this time.

Programs Supported for Summer, 2022:

    Guidelines for Funding

    • Due date for GH Summer Scholarship applications is April 7, 2022, 11:59 PM.
    • Click here for the 2022 application.
    • Awards are disbursed at the end of June. Each award is up to $2000.
    • Each application is committee-reviewed and the amount awarded to each student is dependent upon the scope of the project, site location, time of project/program, and budget outlined by the applicant.
    • You must be in good academic standing (perform at a passing level in all courses) and eligible for promotion to the second year. For funding purposes, the research committee will prioritize applications from students who are in good standing, without remediation, after discussion with the SEIC committee.

    How to Determine What GH Project is Right for You

    All students who apply for GH Summer Scholarship, must complete “Part 1: The Big Picture,” the first of three parts of the Practitioner’s Guide to Global Health course. This course prepares students and trainees to safely and effectively participate in global health learning experiences. In Part 1, you will learn how to determine what type of global health learning experience is right for you and how to logistically set one up. All parts are free-of-charge and generate a Credly badge upon successful completion.