“Outside” Electives

Medical students may receive elective credit for global health rotations at
non-BUSM institutions/clinics. Electives must be at least four weeks
in length
. Before you search for a site, review the How
to Set Up a GH Elective
. When choosing a site, consider quality of teaching
and safety issues before confirmation of commitment.

The following resources will aid your search:

  • Global
    Health Post-Experience Summaries
    This database consists of elective summaries
    by B.U. medical students who have undertaken global health electives in the
    past. Any elective listed in the directory is automatically approved.
  • VSLO.
    BUSM is part of VSLO Application Service (sometimes referred to as VSAS),
    which enables students to browse and apply to electives offered by host institutions.
    It is a collaborative network of US and international institutions. B.U. medical
    students are eligible to undertake electives at any of the host
    . Contact Ana Gregory
    for assistance with the site or choosing electives.
  • International
    Healthcare Opportunities Clearinghouse
    (UMass Medical School)