“Outside” Electives

Medical students may receive elective credit for global health rotations at non-BUSM institutions/clinics. Electives must be at least four weeks in length. Before you search for a site, review the How to Set Up a GH Elective. When choosing a site, consider quality of teaching and safety issues before confirmation of commitment.

The following resources will aid your search:

  • Global Health Post-Experience Summaries. This database consists of elective summaries by B.U. medical students who have undertaken global health electives in the past. Any elective listed in the directory is automatically approved.
  • VSLO. BUSM is part of VSLO Application Service (sometimes referred to as VSAS), which enables students to browse and apply to electives offered by host institutions. It is a collaborative network of US and international institutions. B.U. medical students are eligible to undertake electives at any of the host institutions. Contact Ana Gregory for assistance with the site or choosing electives.
  • International Healthcare Opportunities Clearinghouse (UMass Medical School)