The ARCs

arc-logo-blue-198x100The Major Goals of the Evans Center and the Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARCs) are to:

  • Form ARCs, each consisting of an assembly of 5-8 investigators, including an ARC director, who focus on a research theme, explored with the aid of different disciplines and technologies to advance Research and Discovery as it applies to Disease States
  • Enhance the educational mission at graduate and post-graduate programs
  • Assist in envisioning and developing current and new institutional research cores
  • Reach out to:
    • The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and other centers and institutes for further development of translational application and Biotechnology
    • Partnership with Biotech companies
    • Community Education
  • Provide an opportunity for faculty at BU to become Evans Center’s members (regardless of ARC’s affiliation) and to benefit from ongoing seminars, mini-symposia, immediate knowledge of and access to data-bases and reagents generated by ARCs etc.

Links to publications on the Evans Center as New Paradigm for pursuing Research and Education:

K. Ravid et al, J. Academic Medicine:

Click here for a PDF file

Coleman, Spira and Ravid, Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc.:

Click here for a PDF file

“Recipe” for a successful/sustainable ARC
(Outline by Dr. Katya Ravid)

ARC Leaders: Engaged; Goals greater that “own”

Topic: Selection of a high impact research area, with potential to advance the academic growth of ARC faculty members

 Interdisciplinary: Inclusion of faculty from other departments/schools (boosting intellectual stimulation)

Reaching out/Technology Sharing: Organization of periodical ARC technology-based workshops, seminars, mini-symposia that bring ARC members and the research community together

Plasticity/Creativity: Ability to branch out to new/extended topics as the ARC matures into an ARC-program

Support: ARC grant Support to jump-start research themes towards future ARC-Programs







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