Come back to CityLab and explore advanced molecular biology techniques throughout the school year with the Scholars Program!

Prerequisite: CityLab SummerLab participation 

As a former SummerLab participant, you are invited to become a CityLab Scholar. The Scholars program is designed for students who have completed the  SummerLab program and wish to extend their knowledge and skills in biotechnology. There is no fee for the CityLab Scholars program. 

CityLab Scholars Spring 2018 Schedule

 Meetings are from 4 pm – 7 pm in lab 309 B, School of Education, 2 Silber Way, Boston. Pizza will be served!

RSVP to  Space is limited.

Jan. 31: Phylogeny and Fish Proteins

March 14: Nanotechnology: encapsulation (rescheduled to March 21, 28, 2018) 

April 25: Magic Magnetism: Ferrofluid and Targeted Drug Delivery    Special guests BUnano Cross Disciplinary Fellows

May 30: Physiological effects of alcohol on high risk behaviors