NECS Staff

Thomas T. Perls MD, MPH
Director of the New England Centenarian Study
Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics
(phone: 617-353-2050)
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Stacy L. Andersen, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
(phone: 617-353-2080)
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Reena Karki, MPH
Research Project Manager
(phone: 617-353-2218)
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Nicole Roth
Research Data Analyst
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Katie Harper
Administrative Assistant
(phone: 617-358-3533)
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Melissa Berlin, BA
Research Assistant
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Habibatou Diallo, BS
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-0963)
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Stephen Gayle, BA
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-2590)
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Emily Harris, BA
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-0572)
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Adriana Hernandez, BA
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-6441)
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Brittany Leonard, BA
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-1232)
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Megha Parikh,  MPH
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-0919)
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Brad Petrowitz, MPH
Research Assistant
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Stephanie Rubinstein, BA
Research Assistant
(phone: 617-353-1757)
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