2002 Gerontological Society of America Conference

On November 25th, the New England Centenarian Study presented a Centenarian panel as a Presidential Symposium at the 2002 Gerontological Society of America Conference. Four of our centenarian participants were present to answer questions and discuss what they believe was the secret to their longevity.

Centenarian panel
Members of the panel include: Charlotte Chipman, 100, Natalie Aharonian, Diana Aharonian, 100, Volney Kavanaugh, 102, and Reuben Landau, 99.

Media representatives from the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Channel 7 news, and others attended as well. Here Janet Wu stands with Reuben and Bill Landau, after they were interviewed for her “Healthcast” segment.

Dr. Margery Silver interviews centenarians Volney Kavanaugh and Reuben Landau.
News Channel 7 reporter Janet Wu with Reuben and Bill Landau.

Drs. Thomas Perls, Margery Silver, and Lara Terry acted as moderators to the discussion which drew a large number of GSA members.

Dr. Lara Terry and Mr. Reuben Landau.

Research assistant Emily Schoenhofen and Dr. Terry with Volney Kavanaugh, Reuben Landau, and Charlotte Chipman.

Charlotte Chipman and niece Sarah Weintraub, 93, two of our featured panel members.

Emily Schoenhofen and Volney Kavanugh, who just celebrated his 102nd birthday.

Daughter Natalie Aharonian and her centenarian mother, Diana.

Charlotte Chipman smiling at 100.
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