CARE Unit News

2/4/16 The Boston Globe: Language of Addiction Itself Can Hurt, Advocates Say (Richard Saitz, MD, MPH)
2/1/16 The Daily Free Press: Expert Argues Benefit of Physicians’ Opioid Prescription Education (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH; Jane Liebschutz MD, MPH)
1/14/16 WBUR/NPR News “Here & Now”: 91 Percent of People Who Overdose on Opioids are Able to Get Another Prescription (Marc LaRochelle, MD, MPH)
1/7/16 NPR News “All Things Considered”: Medicaid May Soon Pay for Some Inpatient Addiction Treatment (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MPH)
12/29/15 CBS News: After Painkiller Overdoses, Patients Continue to get Drugs (Marc LaRochelle, MD, MPH)
12/29/15 The Boston Globe: Most Who OD On Opioids are Able to Get New Prescriptions (Marc LaRochelle, MD, MPH)
12/8/15 Quick Questions on a Tablet Spot Drug Trouble (Richard Saitz, MD, MPH)
11/13/15 The Concord Monitor: Aiming to Stem the Tide of Drug Overdoses, New Hampshire Providers Learn How to Prescribe Opioids Responsibly (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
11/10/15 WBGH News: Suboxone-A Miracle Drug or Merely a Step in the Right Direction? (Colleen LaBelle, RN)
11/10/15 WGBH News: Sheriff Warns that New White House Drug Policy Could be Boon to Prison Suboxone Smuggling (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
11/4/15 MD Magazine: Treating Substance Abuse and Addiction in HIV Patients (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
11/2/15 Medscape: Experimental Agent Shows Promise for Alcohol Dependence (Richard Saitz, MD, MPH)
10/20/15 The Daily Free Press: Alcohol Laws Directly Correspond to Drinking Deaths (Timothy Naimi, MD, MPH)
10/15/15 The Boston Globe: State Liquor Rules Bring Down Death Rates for Women (Timothy Naimi, MD, MPH)
10/5/15 Sentinel & Enterprise: ‘Motivational interviewing’ has been key to abuse fight (Lee Ellenberg, LICSW)
10/1/15 Reuters: Clinton to Promote Plan to Combat Addiction with Spending on Treatment (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MPH)
9/30/15 Latinos Health: HIV/AIDS Symptoms & Treatment: Addiction Therapy Lowers Substance Abuse Among Infected Patients, Study Reveals (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
9/25/15 NECN: Alcohol Tax Roils Boston (Timothy Naimi, MD, MPH)
9/25/15 The Boston Globe: To Combat Drug Abuse, Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet (Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
9/10/15 WGBH News: Pain Management and the Evolution of the Opioid Crisis (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
9/1/15 The Boston Globe: Settlement Will Make Narcan More Affordable, Mass AG Says (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
8/27/15 Go Local Worcester: Educating Clinicians Important in Safe Opioid Prescribing (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
8/26/15 WBZ-TV: Father Says Saugus Store Display Promotes Excessive College Drinking (Richard Saitz, MD)
8/17/15 The Boston Globe: AG’s Opioid Proposal Targets Fentanyl Trafficking (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
8/10/15 The Providence Journal: Boston Hospital to Help R.I., Mass Pharmacies Increase Distribution of Overdose Medications (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
8/6/15 MassLive: Commission to Seek Painkillers More Resistant to Abuse in Face of Addiction Crisis (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
8/5/15 The Boston Globe: Despite Efforts, Mass. Opioid Deaths on Pace to Match 2014 (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH, Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
7/22/15 WBUR: Could Screening Students for Drug Use Curb the Opiate Addiction Crisis? (Lee Ellenberg, LICSW)
6/18/15 WCVB Channel 5: Experts Want Expansion of Narcan Education, Distribution (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
6/17/15 WBUR CommonHealth: I Bought Narcan, And Here’s What I Learned (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
6/17/15 WCVB Channel 5: “We’re at war and we’re losing” Officials declare health crisis as overdoses continue to rise (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
6/15/15 Education Week: Tighter Alcohol Laws Reduce Odds of Underage Drinking, Study Finds (Jason Blanchette, MPH)
6/1/2015 HealthDay: Tougher Alcohol Laws for Adults May Also Lower Teen Drinking (Timothy Naimi MD, MPH)
5/18/15 The Boston Globe: Baker Responds to Plymouth’s Drug Crisis (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
5/10/15 Pharmacy Choice: Local Physician Recommends World Health Organization Retire the Term Opioid Substitution Therapy (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH)
4/20/15 CNBC: Prescription Drug Abuse if Lower, but Heroin Use Up (Marc Larochelle, MD, MPH)
4/16/15 The Bay State Banner: Making a Physical Exam Your Primary Concern (Sheila Chapman, MD)
4/2/15 Boston Herald: Maura Healey Puts Docs, Clinics on Notice (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
3/24/15 The Enterprise: Drugs to Treat Addiction Work, But Carry a Stigma (Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
2/28/15 State Gets Serious About Opiate Abuse (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
2/28/15 Boston Herald: As You Were Saying… Raise Glass to Fairer Alcohol Tax (Timothy Naimi, MD, MPH, Jason Blanchette, MPH)
2/20/15 The Recorder: Baker Tackles Opioid Addiction (Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
1/29/15 WBUR: Addiction Expert Discusses Statewide Surge in Heroin Overdose (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
1/29/15 The Boston Globe: Surge in Heroin Overdoses Puzzles Healthcare Workers (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH, Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
 10/6/14 Infectious Disease News: Intervention May Not Reduce Risky Behaviors Among Those with HIV (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH)
 9/27/14 Boston Globe: Addicts Desperately Waiting for a Lifesaver (Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
 9/26/14 Daily Free Press: BUPD to Carry Heroin Overdose Antedote (Alex Walley, MD, MSc)
 9/26/14 GoLocalWorcester: SCOPE of Pain Combats Opioid Abuse Through Prescriber Education (Dan Alford, MD, MPH)
 9/16/14 Time: Stopping America’s Hidden Overdose Crisis (Dan Alford, MD, MPH)
 9/12/14 International Business Times: Why Are HIV Rates So High in Russia? (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH)
 9/13/14 The Boston Globe: LETTERS: Real Evidence is Needed Before We Extol Alcohol’s Benefits (Rich Saitz, MD, MPH)
 9/12/14 ReachMD: Intimate Partner Violence: The Physician’s Responsive and Preventive Roles (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 9/11/14 Today’s Hospitalist: Linking Inpatients to Addiction Treatment (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 9/10/14 South Coast Today: Online Only: Officials, Medical Experts Discuss Plans to Fight Opiate Abuse Problem (Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
 9/5/14 Boston Business Journal: Officials Convene Opiate Experts to Address Drug Problem (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc, Colleen LaBelle, RN, CARN)
 9/2/14 ACP Internist: Methadone Challenging Option for Treatment of Chronic Pain (Dan Alford, MD, MPH)
 9/2/14 The Daily Free Press: Researchers at BU, Boston Medical Center Find Alcohol Policy “Environment” and Adult Binge Drinking Levels to be Inversely Related (Ziming Xuan, ScD, Tim Naimi, MD, MPH)
 8/22/14 NPR Marketplace: Painkillers will be tougher to get this fall (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH)
 8/6/14 NPR: Brief Counseling May Not Help With Most Drug Problems (Rich Saitz, MD, MPH)
 8/6/14 PsychCentral: Brief Counseling Helps Alcohol Abuse, Does Not Help Substance Abuse (Rich Saitz, MD, MPH)
 8/6/14 Pharma Times: Safety Fears Over Faster US Drug Approvals (Karen Lasser, MD, MPH)
 7/29/14 Boston Globe: Priorities in Addiction Treatment Bill Debated (Rich Saitz, MD, MPH)
 7/17/14 Worcester Magazine: Pill Man: One Man’s Fight to Overcome Opiate Addiction (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
 7/1/14 The Boston Globe: Massachusetts Ranks High in Prescribing Painkillers (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 7/1/14 The Boston Magazine: Treating Addiction During and After Hospitalization Reduces Relapse, Study Says (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 7/1/14 HealthDay: Treatment for Heroin Addiction Should Continue After Hospital Discharge: Study (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 7/2/2014 Boston Herald: Critics: Docs Part of Crisis (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
 6/30/14 Treating Addicted Patients During, After Hospitalization Reduces Relapse (Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH)
 6/30/14 The Boston Globe: MGH to screen all patients for substance abuse (MASBIRT)
 6/27/14 WBZ AM 1030: Heroin: From Prescription to Addiction (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
5/19/14 Boston Business Journal: Addiction expert says launch of Zohydro was irresponsible (Dan Alford, MD, MPH)
5/8/14 WCVB: Concerns grow about state’s medical marijuana regulations (Tim Naimi, MD, MPH)
 4/17/14 The Daily Free Press: Remembrance or revelry: Celebrating the Marathon (Tim Naimi, MD, MPH)
 4/12/14 The Oncology Report: Practice pearls for treating opiate dependence (Jeffrey Samet, MD, MA, MPH)
4/10/14 wbur CommonHealth: Second Opinion- Doc says Blue Cross opioid policy is flawed (Daniel Alford, MD, MPH)
 4/8/14 AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange: State Health Department and Community Agencies Save Lives by Teaching Potential Bystanders To Recognize and Respond to Opioid-Related Overdoses (Alex Walley, MD, MSc)
3/28/14 Huffington Post: Boston Law School Sells Out to Big Alcohol Front Group (Jason Blanchette, MPH)
 3/7/14 The Daily Free Press (BU): Binge drinkning boosts risk of death, study suggests (Tim Naimi, MD, MPH)
3/3/14 NPR: ‘Magic’ overdose drug works, but demand and price on the rise (Alex Walley, MD, MSc)
2/21/14 WGBH News: Examining the treatment options for heroin addicts. (Christine Pace, MD, MSc)
2/21/14 NBC News: Heroin overdose ‘cure’ exists, but can users find it? (Alexander Walley, MD, MSc)
2/14/14 Los Angeles Times: As marijuana laws change, health risks of pot use are weighed (Timothy Naimi, MD, MPH)
2/13/14 Boston Magazine: Mayor Marty Walsh Wants First Responders to Carry an Overdose Reversal Medication
1/24/14 The Boston Globe: Pot is not ‘more dangerous than alcohol’? Science lacking on Obama’s claim
1/7/14 CDC Vital Signs: Alcohol Screening and Counseling: An effective but underused health service
12/02/2013 The Boston Globe: Three Boston groups recognized with mayoral prize for primary care advances
 11/25/2013 BU Today: Bringing Scientific Rigor to Addiction Research
11/18/2013 BU Today: The Addiction Puzzle: An Overdose Lifeline
11/04/2013 CNN: Coming Back from the Dead (with Sanjay Gupta)
11/1/2013 It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dr. Daniel Alford, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, BUSM, has agreed to accept the leadership role of Director of the Clinical Addiction Research and Education (CARE) Unit within the Section of General Internal Medicine upon Dr. Richard Saitz’s transition to Chair of Community Health Sciences in the BUSPH. Dr. Alford brings years of success as a nationally prominent educator about the treatment and prevention of unhealthy alcohol and other drug use, as well as promoting a clinically useful and safer approach to pain management.  Dr. Alford plans to continue to encourage CARE Unit education, research and clinical care efforts.
09/17/2013 News@JAMA: Author Insights: Chronic Care Model May Not Work for Patients With Addiction
09/17/2013 JAMA: Chronic Care Management for Dependence on Alcohol and Other Drugs
09/17/2013 The JAMA Network: Chronic Care Management Program Does Not Result in Increased Abstinence From Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence
10/15/2012 American Medical News: Recognizing the alcoholic patient
09/24/2012 GRANT AWARD: Zinc for HIV Disease Among Alcohol Users – An RCT in the Russia ARCH Cohort
09/03/2012 The Washington Post: Few doctors know how to treat addiction. A new program aims to change that.
08/20/2012 ABC News: Binge Drinking College Students Report Being Happier
08/20/2012 The Globe and Mail: Canada should train doctors to specialize in addiction
07/14/2012 GRANT AWARD: Implementing Opioid Risk Reduction Strategies into Primary Care Practice
06/25/2012 Research Society on Alcoholism: Richard Saitz, MD, MPH receives Distinguished Researcher Award
04/20/2012 American Society of Addiction Medicine: Richard Saitz, MD, MPH receives R. Brinkley Smithers Distinguished Scientist Lecture Award