Training FAQs

How do I become certified?

First, you must request a BU guest account from Pattie Johnson through email.

Once you recieve a BU login, you will be able to access the documents on this website. The online form under “Testing Certification” will act as a checklist for what must be done for certification. Upload the requested forms and enter in all the information that is needed. Submit your video through the mail. You will be e-mailed when your online submission has been recieved, when your video has been recieved in the mail, and when your video and submitted have been reviewed.


What if I have problems with my BU login?

If you experience problems of any kind, please call or email Pattie. After many battles with the IT department, it is easier if all problems at BU are dealt with through BU, especially changing passwords.


Why can’t I access the documents page?

Because this material is copyrighted, only examiners and PIs were given access to this page. If you are an examiner or PI and can not access this material, this is because you were either not given a BU ID or you did not request to be given access. If you believe you should have access to this page, Go to “submit a question” under Discussion and Updates and request permission to access this page.


How should we film this video? What is the best way to capture the information needed for certification?

When filming the video, the camera should be directly on you. We would like a head-on, direct shot of you, if possible.


When filming the video, can the 10-min. break be skipped?

Yes. Give some indication that you know that is when the break would occur. However, we don’t need a 10 minute lapse and the tape should not stop.


Who will review my videotape?

Dr. Stern and Dr. Gavett will review your tape and supply you and the PI of your site with feedback.

What happens if I do poorly on my video administration?

If errors are made, you will be asked to video tape yourself with those errors corrected or to re-create the entire video if a significant number of errors were made.

What if I have questions while I am learning the test battery?

Questions are always welcome! Under “Discussion and Updates” choose submit a question and you will get a reply as soon as possible.

Why do I have to re-certify?

Even if you initially learn to administer the tests correctly, as you get comfortable with testing, administration styles can vary. Re-certification and auditing help ensure that everyone keeps as close to the standard administration as possible.

March 23, 2011
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